Avs Name Roy Head Coach


St. Patrick is coming back to Colorado. Today, the Colorado Avalanche officially announced that Patrick Roy will be the head coach in the coming season. Roy was also named Vice President of Hockey Operations.

First of all, you should know that Patrick Roy is my all time favorite player. When I was a toddler, and my parents took me to games, I would shout “ah beh huh Roy!” whenever he skated on the ice or made a big save. My parents had no idea what I meant, and I don’t have any insight into my two year old mind, so basically, this is just a funny story to point out that even as a young fan. Roy won two Cups here in Colorado, and two with his initial team the Montreal Canadiens. I could go through his amazing stats, and be technical, but I’m not going to. I’m just going to say that Patrick Roy is the greatest goaltender to ever play the game, and I am willing to fight you on that.

Now, he hasn’t come back to tend the Avalanche net, he’s come back to coach. For the past eight years, Roy has been the head coach and general manager of the Quebec Ramparts of the QMJL. He doesn’t have any NHL coaching experience, but I’m not particularly concerned. In my mind, a good coach is a good coach. Roy has the fire and the passion that this organization has lacked these past few years. He’s spent his time as a coach dealing with young players, who still need to develop, and when one considers how many young players the Avs have, I think this could really work well for the team that has been assembled.

Three days ago, Roy’s brother, Stephane, announced on his facebook page that his brother had been hired by the Avs The post was later deleted, but it was obviously accurate. So, I’ve had my fingers crossed that this would be announced soon for a couple of days now.

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