At Least We Don’t Play Wieters In Right Field

See that title? It means we have things to be positive about. I’m going to tell you all about them now that my illness has subsided and I can stare at a computer screen for more than five minutes again.

  • Dylan Bundy was signed at the trade deadline. Bobby Bundy’s little brother is officially an Orioles prospect, which is exciting because we don’t have too many minor leaguers who can be considered prospects anymore. The Orioles also nabbed second-rounder Jason Esposito and sixth-rounder Nick Delmonico.
  • Brian Matusz is alive. He didn’t pitch at his best, exactly, but at least he pitched. The line makes him look horrible, but if you actually watched him he looked better than he did prior to going down to Norfolk.
  • I’m not sick anymore, so now you get to hear from me every day again. That’s good news, isn’t it? (I was suffering from severe heat exhaustion and dehydration, which explains why I had that horrible headache every time I tried to move.)

The Orioles have today off (thankfully for them and us), so we’ll pick them back up at 10 pm EST as they take on the Angels out west. Hopefully, once this west coast swing is over, we won’t have to stay up until 10 pm EST for the rest of the season to watch them lose or pretend to win and then lose.

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