Are Kobe Bryant and Vanessa Back Together?

Kobe_Vanessa_VdayTMZ is reporting (with photographic evidence) that Kobe Bryant’s wife Vanessa was spotted cheering on the Laker’s at Tuesday night’s game. She was also seen sucking face with Mr. Bryant in the tunnel after the game.

The Lakers won…maybe Kobe was so excited he hadn’t gotten Lincapacitated by the Knicks again that his hormones just took over.

Vanessa, seriously, in the words of my favorite sassy gay friend, “what, what, what are you doing?!” You already managed to get all three Bryant houses in your property settlement.

I know your divorce won’t be finalized for a few more months, but still. You know more than anyone about your husband’s licentious ways! Be a strong woman, choose one of your three living rooms to curl up in and watch the game from home.

Just please don’t let it happen again, okay? I’m sure we all had our fill of teary press conference apologies and strictly-for-appearances hand holding the last time around.

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