And Now Back To Your Regularly Scheduled Orioles Coverage…

Today is an off-day, so I can use it to catch up with you all! Here’s what happened this weekend:

  • After that absolutely miserable game on Friday night, the Orioles went on to take the next two, securing a victory in the first Beltway series of the year.
  • The Rapture didn’t happen. That was because the selected date was Matt Wieters’ birthday, and Matt Wieters wasn’t going to let anybody miss his birthday party. Consider the Rapture rescheduled.
  • Izturis is now on the 60-day DL. Not good.
  • Reimold and Adams are up with the team. Adams made his Major League debut this weekend. So proud of you, Ryan!
  • Oh, and somewhere in there I became a college graduate.

Now that things are back on track for me, I’ll be able to return to writing about the Orioles for you all! Be excited, everyone – writing is a lot more fun than sitting in the sun for two hours in academic regalia.

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