All Magic Comes with a Price: One WPS Player Reveals What She Paid to Play

Rumpelstiltskin in Once Upon a Time

If you watch ABC’s popular new show, Once Upon a Time, you know the favorite saying of pawn broker Mr. Gold (aka Rumpelstiltskin): “All Magic Comes with a Price.” Mr. Gold barters in deals with “desperate souls” that have short-term benefits, but long-term consequences.

If the fairy tale world of Once Upon a Time were playing out simultaneously in this world, it would not be in Storybrooke, but Boca Raton, Fla., in the land of professional women’s soccer. And Rumpelstiltskin would be a man not named Gold, but one who also knew how to recognize desperate souls, offer them a deal that fulfilled what they needed at the time, but left them with an unknown price to pay. In this world, his name would be Mr. Borislow, owner of the Women’s Professional Soccer team magicJack.

Forward Ella Masar. Photo via

Yesterday, we shared the story that WPS decided to cancel its 2012 season due to the cost associated with an ongoing legal battle with Borislow. As the story broke, more news started coming out about Borislow and his mistreatment of players on the roster who do not also play for the U.S. Women’s National Team. Today, forward Ella Masar became the first magicJack player to break the silence and posted a tell-all on her own blog and on Pitchside Report about her experience as a magicJack player, and the price she paid to play. Below are excerpts.



Now that my nose surgery is paid off and Dan has no grip on my career, I feel it is time for me to really speak and explain what just happened down in Florida with me.

Oh boy, here we go…

It was mid July and we were all (MagicJack) sitting in our locker room. Dan had called a meeting to give us our options with the grievance being filed earlier in the week.

Of course, he did not show up. He just relayed his “dirty work” to some of the girls on the team and gave us two options:

1)    Disagree with the grievance and tell the league that we stand by him.


2)    Agree with the grievance and he will pull the plug on our team and the season is over.

Side note:

At this point in time Dan was pointing a lot of fingers to different girls on the team to see who exactly started the grievance. Fortunately, for us, he had pissed off ONE too many girls and could not single anyone out. He sent one too many emails or said to the girls one too many times, call me “Daddy.” I wish I were kidding.

Some of us also asked the lawyers of the league what the worse case scenario would be if we did decide to stand up to Dan (finally). We were reassured that it would survive the remainder of the year. That is the ONLY reason that any of us would have sucked it up and stood by Dan.  We refused to be the reason of ending someone else’s dream.

“Daddy”?? REALLY? At this point of reading it I started seething.

So as we were sitting there facing our options, feeling that fear that Dan could pull the plug on us and collapse the league I raised my hand and said, I am sorry, I can’t stand by Dan, no matter what.

Not even 5 to 10 minutes later, I received a text saying I had two options.

“Go home and get your nose fixed or be traded.”

I read it out loud to the team and walked out of the locker room.


After lots of prayer, many conversations with my family, I told Dan I wanted to be traded. I was not going to let this man tell me my season was over. Not after everything I had been through down there. Western New York and Philly became very interested and both offered Dan trades.

Dan not only denied them both but also decided he wanted me back. Abby called me from the World Cup, the day before the finale asking me to come back, and Dan told me that he had made a mistake.

I still told them no…… well I did until the USA woman lost.

Throughout the season I had come pretty close to some of them. Dan was refusing to trade me and said that I was either done or could come back to Florida.

So, my heart, said you know what, some of these girls deserve a championship. I am going to do everything in my power to help them.


I land in Florida a week later.

The US girls are back, Abby is named our coach, and my hell starts.

I realize now that Dan never wanted me back to help the team. He wanted me back to make an example of me. To show everyone that he was in control.

I sat the bench for the next 6 weeks. I am, by no means, saying that the people on the field did not deserve to be there. I am just saying that I thought I at least deserved a chance to play. IF I didn’t start, pas grave, but as a forward I felt I deserved some/any minutes to play and help the team. I went from starting, playing every game to not a minute.

Shocking? Yes. Surprising? No. Things are about to get real. And you thought women’s soccer was boring?

Read the full story on Ella’s blog.


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