AJ McCarron’s SI outtakes are wonderfully awkward

Alabama quarterback AJ McCarron is this week’s Sports Illustrated cover boy, something that his coach, Nick Saban, couldn’t care less about. Saban cared so little, in fact, he didn’t even know that McCarron was on the cover. In case you’re like Saban and haven’t seen the magazine, here it is:


Blessedly, SI released the outtakes from the shoot, and they are nothing short of amazing, mainly because they seem incredibly awkward. Behold, a few of the best:


Photo credit: Sports Illustrated

In this photo, McCarron is Saban and the burger is a player who just made a very big mistake.


Photo credit: Sports Illustrated

AJ’s wearing a lot of white, so I hope no one bumps into him. All of that ketchup would leave a nasty stain.


Photo credit: Sports Illustrated

“Vote for me for the Heisman, and I’ll have the ceremony catered so there are crinkle-cut fries for all. I’m AJ McCarron, and I approve this message.”

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