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Let’s play two: a doubleheader in the Bronx for the Cubs

It's a double header and the celebration of Jackie Robinson day. Here's to you, Jackie and Ernie!

Mother Nature had it in her mind not only to ruin Jackie Robinson day yesterday, but my day off as well. With no evening plans, I woke up to the idea of watching the Cubs play the Yankees on the anniversary of Jackie Robinson’s debut for the Brooklyn Dodgers. Of course, the game was postponed […]

We need to talk about Edwin


Edwin Jackson started his third game of 2014 Sunday and looked mostly like the Edwin Jackson we came to know and resent. He allowed four runs on eight hits and four walks in six innings to the Cardinals in what became a 6-4 loss. But we ought not to worry, because Edwin feels better this […]

Bring on St. Louis: Cubs @ Cards, 7:15 CDT

Famous evil and stupid Cardinals/fans.

After a disappointing to some/in-line with expectations to others opening homestand, the Chicago Cubs hit the road again tonight in St. Louis. The last few years, the expectation has been that the Cardinals will more than likely always beat our beloved North Siders. That doesn’t stop me from offering up small sacrifices to any deity […]

Cubs continue domination of losing one-run games


With a 5-4 loss to the Pirates yesterday, the Chicago Cubs are now 2-4 against them this year. In one-run games, that number is 1-4. So if you felt like all the games the Cubs lost to them were close, you’d be right. You might remember that the Cubs were similarly bad in one-run games […]

It only takes a spark to get #FreeMikeOlt going


Last night’s loss was a heartbreaker, but it’s a loss I’ll take every time if it means getting Starlin Castro and Anthony Rizzo on track, which seems kinda like it’s starting to happen. But that’s not what I want to talk about. I want to talk about Mike Olt. Today on Griff, Quigs, and Finfer, […]

Cubs lose, but Starlin Castro emerges from the ashes


I think we’re all intimately aware of Starlin Castro’s struggles last season. We all wondered if we were witnessing the decline of a once-fabled messiah who would lead the Chicago Cubs to the promised land. If last night was any indication, reports of Starlin’s demise may have been premature. Last night he hit two home […]

Cubs v. Bucs Game Thread: Revenge is a Dish Best Served Cold


Maybe not as cold as Friday, but cold nonetheless. The Pirates took 2-3 from the Cubs last week at PNC Park, and tonight the Cubs hope to return the favor. Unfortunately for this plan, Edwin Jackson (0-0, 1.69)  is on the mound, which basically insures one of three possible outcomes: 1) Edwin pitches well, thus […]

Cubs unleash dynamo of offense

Chicago Cubs v Cincinnati Reds

At the end of 2014, if you were to do a search for most used phrases on this here weblog, I suspect the one you’ll find at the top is “Cubs avoid sweep”. They went and did it again Sunday, beating the Phillies to avoid being swept. The Cubs entered Sunday’s game as the only […]

A Very Chicago Cubs Ghost Story


Gather ’round, children, it’s time for Grandma Julie to tell you all a tale. A sad tale of woe, sorrow, and what might have been. It began in the Summer of 2007, though the pain of it is still fresh to this day. Y’see, there was a right strappin’ lad named Felix Pie. Not ‘”pie,” […]

Reflections on Chicago Cubs Opening Day (and a Game Thread)

Check these babies out. We found them in the basement at WGN and give 1k of them out.

If the first few days of the Chicago Cubs and Chicago White Sox seasons are any indication, decent relief pitchers are in short supply in Chicago. The Cubs home opener was no exception. But let’s start at the beginning. My cold, rainy day started at 5:20 at the Captain Morgan Club, where a smelly, obnoxious […]

Cubs get first win, head home to take on the Phillies


After two frustrating losses in Pittsburgh, the Cubs were primed to blow another lead and make it a third straight loss. The unthinkable happened and the Cubs managed to hold on for a 3-2 victory over the Pirates. New Cub Jason Hammel allowed only two hits in 6.2 innings and Pedro Strop managed some theatrics […]

You many not realize this, but Emilio Bonifacio is magic (so far)


Lost in the two defeats right out of the box in Pittsburgh has been the fact that Emili Bonifacio (am I the only Sicilian who wants to call him “Buonafaccio?) is magic. That’s right. Magic. Though the Cubs are now 0-2, in heartbreaking fashion — c’mon, two extra-innings, walkoff losses to start a season? — they have […]

Why I love that creepy Pittsburgh Parrot

Judge me if you will, but I love this creepy-ass bird.

After the brutal day-off-after-Opening-Day-day, the Chicago Cubs head to Pittsburgh tonight to try to salvage the remainder of the season after a devastating loss to the Pirates on Opening Day. Or something. Honestly, I wasn’t that devastated. I was pleased with Samardzija’s performance, happy to see the younger guys going much deeper into the count […]

Cubs sign Pineiro and more!

Last known photo of Joel Pineiro

Just when you thought the Chicago Cubs wouldn’t land a big-name free agent in 2014, they went and signed starting pitcher Joel Pineiro. You’ve heard of him, right? He was last seen pitching in MLB in 2011 with the Angels. So what has Joel been up to the last three years? In January 2012, Pineiro […]

The 10 Unassailable Truths of the 2014 Chicago Cubs Season

Me today.

I hate the off-day after Opening Day. Yes, I know why they do it. Yes, I know the rationale. But it’s still stupid. They get us all amped up for Opening Day and the return of baseball, and then it lasts one game before we’re back to nothing. Hate it. Speaking of hating things, there […]