A good season for the premier league so far

November 24, 2021Football Standard

The premier league is the most-watched football league in the world by far with-it attracting millions of different fans from all around the world. This season has been one of the best on record yet with there being more world-class managers and players in the league than ever before. There are some superstar players in the premier league this season, there always have been some great players in the league but this season looks to be an incredible one with some huge names taking to the pitch. Chelsea is currently top of the table but only by a few points with the following teams not far behind at all. Tv companies have been making sure to get some record deals on the table to be able to show some of the live games to fans at home, fans are now allowed back to the stadiums this season as well with lockdowns being lifted which has been a huge boost for the premier league. It is not only tv channels that have been boosted this season by the premier league but also online bookmakers and online casinos with this being a top season for people placing football bets across the world. There are a lot of new betting selections to choose from now that bet builders have been introduced which have become a firm favourite amongst football fans, football fans are always looking for new selections to bet on and when looking for a number of new options the bet builders are always being upgraded with new selections to allow fans to win a bet.

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The past few premier league seasons have not been great due to COVID causing the league to pause for a set amount of time and also fans could not attend live games due to lockdowns being put in place. Stadiums all around the country are now back to full capacity for this season so it looks set to be the best one for a few years with the footballing world now back in full swing once again. Even with international breaks being put in place it has not affected the form of premier league players it has probably helped them with their fitness levels. Usually, these breaks disrupt the league but so far this season nothing seems to be putting the league off track. It looks set to be a great season with there not yet being a clear favourite for the title.

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