31 Prospects in 31 Days: Wynn Pelzer, #6

Doesn’t Wynn Pelzer just sound like a baseball name? It does to me, at least.

Pelzer is a newbie in the Orioles organization, joining it in a trade with the Padres for Miguel Tejada at the trade deadline in 2010. He was initially a starter, but just before being dealt to the Orioles, he was converted to a reliever, the role which he performed at Bowie once he began playing there. Pelzer’s issue as a starter, as Baseball America has pointed out, is his lack of a third dominating pitch – he has an excellent fastball and slider, but he can’t command anything with the same authority that he does with these two. His fastball can technically be divided into two, since he throws both a four-seamer and a two-seamer, with the top speed occasionally hitting around 97 mph.

If you watch his delivery in the above video, you’ll notice that his arm action looks slightly different when he throws balls than when he throws strikes. Baseball America notes that he sometimes has an out of sync delivery, which means he sometimes struggles with hitting the strike zone. This is a kink that will need to be worked out, considering that you can’t afford to make mistakes in the zone in the Majors. You can expect Pelzer to find his way to Norfolk at some point this season, but keep in mind that he has some issues to figure out first before he can truly get himself going and join the bullpen.

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