31 Prospects in 31 Days: Ryan Berry, #9

As we get further into these prospects, it becomes more difficult to find the video footage of them that is always of great assistance in putting together scouting reports. For example, when I searched for Ryan Berry, I initially found this:

Clearly, that’s not the Ryan Berry we’re looking for. This, however, is.

That video is slowed down to 210 frames per second, which gives you a great view of his pitching form, motion, and release. He was drafted out of Rice in 2009, but an arm injury meant that he essentially lost most of that season. Additionally, he signed late, so he didn’t play for the Orioles until 2010. He’s not overpowering, topping out around 87-90 mph with his fastball, but Baseball America states that it has “good life,” so he’s able to move it around to his advantage. Berry also has a changeup, a breaking ball that BA describes as a sort of slurve, and a 12-6 knuckle-curve that has been dubbed his best pitch.

Berry is a quick worker on the mound, although when his fastball doesn’t stay down in the zone, he gets into tight spots. He’s a finesse pitcher (think Greg Maddux, or for a more recent example, look at Dillon Gee) with a lot of deception in his delivery, as you can see in the above video. The Orioles have used him as both a starter and a reliever in their farm system, and he could pitch in either capacity if one or the other doesn’t work too well for him. He’ll likely begin 2011 at Bowie this year, so if you’re around and you feel like catching a game there, keep your eyes open for him!

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