31 Prospects In 31 Days: Manny Machado, #2

Machado was #1 last year, but Dylan Bundy took the top spot this time. Here’s last year’s blurb on Machado.

Let’s talk a little bit about how he’s grown up over the past year.

Image courtesy of The Golden Sombrero.

Look at this badass.

Machado’s currently in big league camp with fellow highly-touted Orioles infield prospect Jonathan Schoop (whose name I love). We’ve also learned that he used his bonus money upon signing to buy his mom a house, which is really sweet (and reinforces that he’s a good kid). He reached as high as High-A Frederick last season, and I honestly wouldn’t be surprised to see him take a step up to Bowie at some point in 2012 – he’s a quick learner.

As mentioned last year, Machado has a very good chance of growing into a complete five-tool player. Last year, his ETA at Camden Yards was estimated at 2013, which he’s still on track for considering that it’s 2012 and we can expect to probably see him in Bowie at some point this year. Basically, everything is going as planned for Machado, and I couldn’t be happier.

Also, he has a Twitter account, so go follow him. According to Twitter right now, he really, really misses his girlfriend back in Miami. Awwww.

Here, watch him hit a home run in his Frederick debut, because his swing is pretty:

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