31 Prospects in 31 Days: Luis Lebron, #21

No, he doesn’t play basketball. He’ll be taking his talents to Baltimore, anyway.

It’s hard to find videos of a person named Lebron who isn’t King James, but I was able to dig this one up. Our Lebron is a fireballer whose fastball can hit 97 mph at its peak. He also has a great slider, and his changeup is growing in strength. Last year, he was aiming for a spot in the bullpen, but a little elbow pain turned into Tommy John surgery, and he missed 2010. He has a career MiLB ERA of 5. 10, but in every year that he’s been in the organization, his ERA has started out higher at the beginning of the season and has then decreased as the year has gone on and he’s moved up to a higher level of baseball. Kind of odd, but it’s a positive trend, I’d say.

Baseball America says the Orioles are hoping Lebron is going to follow the path of Alfredo Simon, who was closing games just one year removed from his Tommy John surgery. Personally, I’d be fine with that as long as Lebron isn’t caught up in any murder cases. Because that would kind of suck. A lot.

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