31 Prospects in 31 Days: Eddie Gamboa, #25

This kid tends to be forgotten, so I think it’s time we put a spotlight on him.

See, he only had one DI scholarship offer, and it was to UC Davis. Then, in 2006, he had Tommy John surgery, so he was drafted as a 5th year senior in 2008, but it was all the way down in the 21st round. He only signed for $1000.

And yet check him out in Bowie there. He has a fastball, cutter and changeup, and he can change his arm angle to add deception to his delivery, although unlike Oliver Perez he’s actually successful at doing so. He’s more of a sinkerballer, with his fastball topping out around 88-91 mph. He also has a slider, but he doesn’t use it very much because he doesn’t trust it as much. He still has to improve his command in the zone, because he nibbles (see Daisuke Matsuzaka for the perfect nibbling example if you want to see what I mean). Gamboa has a shot at reaching Norfolk this season, so keep tabs on him and see if he can force his way into their rotation, like he did in Bowie last season after starting in the bullpen.

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