31 Prospects In 31 Days: Aaron Baker, #14

We’re closing in on the halfway mark here. Aaron Baker, the grandson of football player Jerry Mays, came to the Orioles when Derrek Lee was moved to the Pirates in July 2011. Aaron is a big, big kid, and he provides a ridiculous amount of power (some scouts, BA says, have ranked him at a 70 on the 20-80 scale). The Orioles tend to lack in the power department, so this is quite the positive surprise.

This is the only video I could find, unfortunately.

Baker does know how to walk. He does strike out some, but that’s what power hitters do. He’s also a corner infielder, so he basically seems to fit the stereotypical model of a first baseman. He has less defensive range than Mahoney, however, and he’s a slower runner even though his arm is solid. He spent a little bit of time in Bowie once Mahoney ended his season due to injury, but he didn’t really perform too well there. He’ll likely start out in Bowie again in 2012, getting more playing time as Mahoney is bumped up to Norfolk.

Also, this came up on YouTube and I thought I’d share.

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