10 Minute Solution Cardio Hip Hop Review

I really enjoy the 10 Minute Solution workout series. The basic format of each DVD remains consistently the same. There are five 10-minute workouts. The individual workouts can be customized, so workouts can be 10-50 minutes.

hiphop10 Minute Solution: Cardio Hip Hop is one of the newest options in the series. It has the familiar format of other DVDs in the series, including five 10-minute hip hop dance workouts. The segments include: ‘Hip Hop 101,’ ‘House Party,’ ‘Signature Moves,’ ‘Hip Hop Jam,’ and ‘Street Style.’ The workouts are led by dancer Heather Graham (not to be confused with the actor Heather Graham).

The first segment, ‘Hip Hop 101,’ includes about five minutes of standing abs work. There are moves like hip rolls, standing crunches, and isolations. The moves are then strung together for the second half of the segment. It lacks the panache of Shaun T’s Hip Hop Abs, but it is a time saving alternative.

The other four workouts are primarily cardio. The moves are generally low impact and suitable for beginners, but there are some small hops. The choreography isn’t too difficult, especially for someone with some previous dance workout experience.

The DVD will appeal to individuals who want an easy-to-follow, beginners dance workout. Overall, the workout was fun to do a couple times, but it lacks long-term likability in my collection. The cardio just didn’t cut it for me, and I got a little tired of Graham’s signature moves of girl walks and sassy steps. I wasn’t expecting to transform into a b-girl, but I did expect to get my heart rate up more than it did.

Cardio alternatives from the 10 Minute Solution series include: Carb & Calorie Burner (watch instantly from Amazon),  Rapid Results Fat Burner (on sale for less than $6 on Amazon as of the original posting of this review), and Dance Off Fat Fast (at a bargain price on Amazon of less than $5!). These DVDs have been in my collection for awhile, and I still use them.

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